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The many characteristics that contribute to improving a person’s personality, some of which they may express more strongly than others, such as extroversion, openness to new experiences, narcissism, or agreeableness, are what make them who they are. However, just because someone is well-described by a word like “disagreeable,” doesn’t imply they necessarily desire to be that way. Procrastinators could want to be more responsible, pessimists would want to be more upbeat, and the shy might want to be the life of the party. Many people desire to change a certain aspect of their personality.

According to psychologists, personality feature measurements are largely constant throughout adulthood. However, research does suggest that personal evolution is possible, particularly over extended periods of time as a person grows. And whether or not one is given a personality makeover, acting more like the person one wants to be is still possible with a little effort and great luck.

How Flexible Is Your Personality?

Research suggests that the adult personality is more changeable than previously thought, as consistent as a personality may remain from day to day. According to research, people do seem to change on average as they age, displaying maturational traits that may be measured using personality tests. A distinct issue is consciously attempting to alter one’s personality, however, the study has also looked into methods for doing so.

Is personality transformation a possibility?

Probably. Research shows that one may be able to intentionally improve extroversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and emotional stability, however, it is not yet clear how long-lasting such changes would be. Additionally, they appear to demand active participation in efforts to change; just desiring to is probably insufficient.

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