In the viral video, a little baby peacefully sleeps on their bed. At the same time, a fluffy white pet dog is trying to kiss the baby. The white dog looked cute, wearing a pink shirt and kissing the baby. After kissing, the dog took the blanket with his mouth and covered the baby. Later beautifully sat near the baby’s leg, looking at and adoring the baby. This video is pure bliss to watch, making people feel awe.

The video is shared in India today and has gathered more than 2.11 lakhs views. And the video is shared with a caption, “Unbelievable.” Dogs are unbelievably amazing creatures of nature. And it is beautiful to witness them. This cute video is a treat for all animal lovers. And to be honest, it is beautiful to see animals caring for humans. At the same time, many animal lovers and those who have pets recalled the beautiful moments.

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While viewers could not resist commenting on their views and love, one user on Instagram wrote, “Cutest video on the internet today.” And the other one talked about pure love, “They are the best with unconditional love.” At the same time, the third said, “Waooooo it’s amazing AAAA.” Finally, the fourth one couldn’t believe this and said, “Unbelievable, how sweet.”

It is a treat to watch this amazing viral video. Follow for more updates in the future.

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