The BTS boys are good friends. You may already be aware, though, that we tend to relate to others who are either in our age range or quite nearby. But occasionally, we find ourselves adopting younger friends and becoming their guardians and closest pals. And that’s how we would characterize the relationship between Kim Taehyung, called V for BTS, and Jeon Jungkook, aka Kookie. People all across the world ship taekwondo. Additionally, some fans even ship them together. You might find it funny, but the reality is the truth. They are explosive together because they can be jokers at times and hotties all in one frame. They are also very attached to one another and very caring, and unintentionally, even you would start shipping Taekook after a while. So, let’s take a look at the times Taehyung, also known as Taetae bear, and Jungkook, also known as Kookie bunny, gave us BFF or friendship goals.

Whatever you do, it’s always enjoyable. When you understand and respect humor. Here, Jungkook plays a practical joke on V after V gets his hair permed for the release of Butter. Jungkook piled on the forks. Taehyung didn’t become upset about it; instead, he went with the flow, and the other BTS members were also enjoying themselves. When you look out for one another. J-Hope, aka Jung Hoseok, was requested to cut the strings of pig dolphins that were presented to each member in one of the Run BTS episodes. V made the decision to shield Jungkook from J-Hope after Jungkook had been fleeing and hiding from J-Hope. It was adorable to see Taehyung assisting Kookie, even if he eventually joined forces with J-Hope. We witnessed Jungkook, who excels at everything, playing table tennis like a pro in yet another Run BTS episode. And Taetae Bear was having so much fun that he gave it a perfect vibe check.

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