Oh, what is this airborne magic? Is it just the time of year, or is TWICE—one of our favourite K-pop girl groups—back?

It’s amazing to think about how many songs TWICE has put out in their almost 7 years of being a band. It might seem impossible to choose just a few favourites

Let’s take a look at Twice most popular 5 songs!


When you’re not feeling 100% confident or when your mood is down, you should most definitely listen to this song. It gives you the confidence that everything is possible if you don’t give up.

Get Loud

This song matches TWICE so perfectly for some reason! This song’s vocals are so excellent that it could have easily been the single instead (not that there is anything wrong with b-side tracks.)


One of the songs that is excellent and quite catchy is called “Likey.” Be aware that it will keep playing over and over in your thoughts, which is okay.


One of our favourite tracks from More & More, and one of the more recent tunes on this list. You can tell it’s going to be good just by hearing the “na, na, na, na” part at the beginning. You will require TWICE the amount of oxygen.


We are at a loss for words when describing TT’s excellent song. Once the music starts, you can’t stop listening to it!

So, which one is your favourite and which song will you keep playing on repeat and repeat let us know in the comments below and stay tuned with IWMBuzz for more updates!

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