Sydney Sweeney, the Emmy-nominated Euphoria and The White Lotus actress will be starring in a new Barbarella movie for the Sony Pictures. The film is based on Jean-Claude Forest’s French comic book series that was turned into a 1968 movie starring Jane Fonda.

According to the sources, the new ‘Barbarella’ movie is still in development with no writer or director’s name attached to it. Also, it is in the news that Sydney Sweeney is expected to executive produce the film.

Taking to her instagram handle, Sydney Sweeney also shared a picture of “Barbarella” poster along with a caption that read, “Time to save the universe”.

Although, not much is revealed about this version, we know that the 1968 movie, directed by Roger Vadim, follows an astronaut from the 41st century who sets out to find and stop the evil scientist Durand Durand, whose Positronic Ray threatens to bring evil back into the galaxy. The film wasn’t a massive box office hit but has since become a cult classic, and in 2020 the Forest estate announced plans for a new film.

Well, Sydney Sweeney has become a fan favorite with Sony. The studio not only recorded Sweeney to co-star in its Marvel movie “Madame Webb” alongside Dakota Johnson but also recently signed the package for “The Registration”  with Sweeney on board to produce and star.

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