Swaran Ghar the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen the shocking entry of Balli (Yash Tonk) as the stepbrother of the dead Kanwaljit Singh Bedi. Balli eyes on marrying Swaran (Sangita Ghosh), but Bebe has kept Balli at bay.

However, as we wrote earlier, Nakul’s illness will be the deciding factor for Swaran. Balli will be willing to donate his liver for Nakul’s recovery. Nakul as we know, is suffering from liver cancer and needs a liver transplant to happen soon.

Vikram and Divya will join hands in the coming episode to bring in more drama. It will so happen that both Ajit (Ajay Chaudhary) and Balli’s livers will match with Nakul. However, Divya will hide the news of her father’s liver matching with Nakul. Only Balli’s report will be revealed to Swaran.

On the other hand, the coming episode will see Vikram inflicting more pain on Ajit when he will beat him up. Ajit will refuse to let go of Swaran and will be hellbent on exposing Vikram’s truth. Vikram will have his men torture Ajit by beating him up profusely.

Will Ajit come in as a saviour for Swaran? Or will Swaran marry Balli?

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