The widely popular name Shawn Mendes has always amazed his fans and listeners through his enchanting vocals. The singer has won several accolades for his captivating voice and relatable lyrics. Apart from being an exceptional singer, Shawn Mendes has a tall and lean body, making girls go gaga over his fantastic looks. Shawn Mendes features in his songs in fierce and his dashing looks sensationalizes the internet. The singer knows the trigger point of people. Here, look at Shawn Mendes’s song to spend your time chilling at home this weekend.

1)Lost In Japan: One of the most hit romantic tracks of Shawn Mendes from the album Lost In Japan. The song was released in March 2018. The 3:21 minutes short saga is a soothing treat to listen to. At the same time, the amazing feeling of knowing that your better half is ready to walk miles just to meet you is very thrilling. This song does that for you.

2)Never Be Alone: It is the song from the album Handwritten. Huge fandoms still enjoy this song. The song was released in April 2015. It is a 3:36-minute-long song. The beautiful music keeps us hooked on the song until we get mesmerized.

3) Always Been You: Shawn Mendes wrote the lyrics of this song along with Tobias Jessi Jr., Scott Harris, and Zubin Thakkar. It was released in the pandemic year 2020. This song will make you feel calm and relaxed about your emotions and choices.

4)Fallin All In You: One of the best songs to listen to whenever and wherever you want. The English song album was released in 2018. This album has overall 14 songs, which are sung in collaboration with Julia Michaels and Khalid. Undoubtedly you will fall all over again listening to this song.

5)Hold On: Listen to the hope song by Shawn Mendes, giving you positive hope. It is sung by Shawn alone and written by Shawn Mendes, Scott Harris, and Geoffrey Warburton.

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