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Even though the BTS members are renowned for having friendly personalities, that doesn’t mean they don’t have pet peeves.

The BTS members have been outspoken about the things that irritate them throughout the years. The following is a list of items that the members of BTS detest.

One-man stans

One of the worst issues K-Pop groups have is solo stans, or “fans” who choose to support just one member of a group. The BTS members have been outspoken about these kinds of “fans” throughout their careers. V is very outspoken about this; he has repeatedly urged the ARMYs to support all seven of the members.

Sasaeng Fans

Sasaeng followers have devoted “fans” who seek to intrude on the privacy of their idols in order to gain their attention. Idols have always been outspoken about their dislike of sasaeng followers, and BTS is no exception. In a live broadcast, V expressed that she hoped the members would cease acting in a way that made her feel uneasy because of the sasaeng fans.

When individuals disregard the ARMY

For the BTS members, ARMYs are everything, therefore when they are mistreated, it might make them angry. BTS once spoke with radio host Syke (@SykeOnAir), and at one point Skye referred to ARMYs as “crazy.” The members didn’t express their disapproval of the remark made regarding ARMYs out loud, but their emotions made it clear that they did.

When members’ “bizarre” images are posted online

When a fan once shared a pretty unpleasant meme of J-Hope, V wasn’t too pleased and told the fan that he would not be speaking with followers who shared “bizarre” images.

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