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All of the members of BLACKPINK are dedicated pet owners. They have a few animal companions they consider relatives. BLINKs are fortunate to receive regular updates on their friends because the group’s members frequently post about their pets on social media.

Given how many pets each member owns and how well they are all cared for, the group certainly has a love for animals. Nearly as well-known as BLACKPINK themselves are their pets. Even Vogue Korea included Jennie’s dog Kuma on its cover.

Kuma and Kai

Jennie’s brown Pomeranian dog is named Kuma. He has participated in a number of the members’ fan interaction live streams. He was given the name Kuma because Jennie felt he resembled a bear, and the term “Kuma” in Japanese means “bear.” He is her second dog, very stylish, and is often referred to as the “boss” of the house due to his no-nonsense demeanor.

Jennie’s white cocker spaniel is named Kai. Of her two dogs, he is the most senior. He is quite quiet and shy, unlike Kuma. The dog had been Jennie’s pet for a lot longer, so the allegations that he was named after her ex-boyfriend Kai from EXO were quickly dispelled.

Luca, Lily, Louis, Leo, Lego, and Love

The BLACKPINK dorm is home to Lisa’s five kitties. Leo is a Scottish Fold, Lego and Louis are British Shorthairs, and Luca and Lily are Ragdolls. Even though they all have different-colored furs, they all appear the same.

Love, the newest member of Lisa’s “L Family,” is a Doberman Pinscher who belongs to her “L Family.”

Lisa also has a dog named Loco, three cats named Hunter, Tyga, and Milo, and two other pets.


Jisoo’s white Maltese dog is named Dalton. Dalton is the Korean word for moon bear. Jisoo is particularly protective of Dalgom and frequently posts photos of the two together. Many members of BLACKPINK have also revealed how much they admire Dalgom.

Dior, the company for which Jisoo is a brand ambassador, also enjoys Dalgom. Dalton received a lovely pink bag from Dior that has his name stitched on it as a present.

Hank and Joohwang

Hank, a unique breed of dog owned by Rosé, was left behind by his previous owners. Hank now appears happier and healthier than ever thanks to her taking him in and providing him with a warm home.

Additionally, she keeps a pet Blood Parrot Cichlid fish named Joohwang, which translates to “orange” in Korean, and was given that name because of its hue. She has even taught this pet, who is her favorite, tricks.

She also had two dogs growing up, named Max and Tobi, as well as a fish named Eunbyul, who sadly went away.

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