Leenesh Mattoo is one of the most handsome and talented actors of the Hindi TV industry. Not just acting, even when it comes to fitness game, he’s right there at the top. He started getting his share of name and fame in the Indian Entertainment scenario post the success of his character of Rudra Singh Oberoi from the superhit daily soap, Ishqbaaz and continued the good work in other shows like ‘Brahmarakshas’ and ‘Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na’. His fans believe that he has the potential to achieve enormous milestones in his career going forward. The actor got involved in a fun rapid-fire conversation with team IWMBuzz. Read to know more –

Would you ever date a fan?


How would someone get your special attention?

By being honest.

Your top 3 all-time favourite movies?


Do you sing in the shower?

Not really. “Bahar hi gaa leta hoon…”

First three things you notice in a woman that you find most attractive?

I don’t because I already have a partner.

What is your biggest fear?

Losing my happiness.

What would you like your superpower to be?

Black Adam.

Your most favourite nicknames that your friends/family/fans call you?


One thing which you always want people to remember about you?

The way I am.

Do you check Instagram DM’s? What’s the funniest proposal/compliment you got in case you do?

I don’t check.

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