Meet the Zee TV show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen shocking twists with Neelam having the upper hand, with Meet Ahlawat’s (Shagun Pandey) health deteriorating. Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh) and family are playing their last game in trapping Neelam to reveal the name of the injection given to Meet Ahlawat, so that they can give him the antidote.

As we know, Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat’s wedding has been planned on the day of their anniversary. However, the family has planted fake bride and groom to sit for the wedding. While Meet Ahlawat remains to be critical, Meet Hooda is dressed up in a waiter’s getup.

The coming episode will see the big drama with Neelam coming to the venue to inject yet another dose into Meet Ahlawat. But the tables will turn when Meet Hooda will stop her. However, it will be a battle of wits and calmness between Neelam and Meet Hooda. Meet Hooda will eventually succeed in getting the injection from Neelam and giving it to the doctor.

Finally, Meet Ahlawat will be given the antidote.

Will Meet Ahlawat get alright now?

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