Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya by Balaji Telefilms has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks. According to the storyline, Rishabh decides to go to the office. However, Preeta stops him. Rishabh sneaks out of the house and informs Rakhi about the same. Preeta overhears him and calls. Preeta scolds him for being careless of his health. However, Rishabh gets happy to see Preeta’s concern. He mentions being fine and Preeta feels happy.

Rishabh drives home and meets Anjali on the way. He witnesses Anjali being in trouble as her car breaks down. Soon, Rishabh tries to help her and offers to drive to her location. On the other hand, it starts raining and Preeta gets worried for Rishabh. Preeta tries to call Rishab but is unable to talk with him and feels tense thinking something bad is about to happen.

In the coming episode, Rishabh drops Anjali at her farmhouse. However, due to the thunderous weather, Rishabh takes refuge at Anjali’s farmhouse. Soon, Anjali comes close to him. Anjali reveals liking him which shocks Rishabh and he pushes her away. Anjali drags him down and tries to pull him closer to her. Rishabh gets shocked by Anjali’s behaviour.

What will happen next? Will Anjali trap Rishabh in his plan?

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