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In today’s Kundali Bhagya episode, Rishabh is informed by Arjun that he lost consciousness while attempting to save Kavya and that although being fully awake, he was unable to do it. Rishabh believes his devotion to Kavya is being tested. Kavya, according to Arjun, is his child. “Do not refer to her as your daughter, even accidentally,” Rishabh snaps, adding, “I can share everything, but not my daughter and Preeta.” Rishabh then grabs his collar.

The dispute between Rishabh and Arjun makes them more hateful toward one another. Arjun is still enraged with Preeta for getting married to Rishabh and doesn’t want to give up on Kavya. “Kavya is not your daughter; rather, she is Rishabh’s,” claims Anjali, provoking Arjun to confront Preeta. She asks him to pay close attention to what she says. She claims that Preeta is and always will be Rishabh’s wife. Preeta has never loved Karan, she informs Arjun. Arjun aka Karan becomes irate.

The terrorists fire their weapons at the door earlier in the program. Terrorist Prithvi instructs his soldiers to watch out for Kavya. The police make an attempt to enter. When Prithvi phones the Senior Inspector, he queries whether or not it is the same man with whom he previously spoke. “I was the one,” according to Inspector Waghmare, “who answered the phone.” As Inspector Waghmare, he claims to be. Prithvi anticipates Waghmare leaving. There are Rishabh, Preeta, Shrishti, and Arjun. If there is a relative inside, Inspector Waghmare inquires. As per Preeta, her daughter is present.

They are asked to assist and accompany them by Inspector Waghmare. They are not permitted to bring along civilians, according to Inspector Kamte. They are immensely powerful, according to Inspector Waghmare, because they are parents. Having a gun will help him fight alongside them, says Arjun aka Karan. Ok, according to Inspector Waghmare. Police and terrorists are shooting at each other. Kavya is seen by Preeta, who calls her. Mamma, Kavya says. Terrorists are firing at the door. The terrorists are asked by Prithvi not to shoot Preeta Ji. In order to save the hostages, the police and the Luthras enter. While the shootout is still taking on, the children are safely removed from the area. In between hugs, Karan releases the rope. Prithvi runs away. Arjun gets hugged and kissed by Kavya. Even if he didn’t receive the money, Prithvi plans to exact retribution for Sherlyn’s insult today.

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