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In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode Prachi demands that Rhea take a DNA test at the beginning of the episode to confirm that she is indeed carrying Ranbir’s child. What are you saying, Rhea queries. Prachi claims that because you questioned my pregnancy, I now question your pregnancy and believe this child is not Ranbir’s. Rhea won’t go through any testing, claims Alia. Prachi responds, “I won’t marry Sid then.” According to Alia, everything is set up for the wedding. Pallavi halts Alia. We know Rhea is carrying Ranbir’s child, so let’s dispel Prachi’s suspicion because I don’t want anyone to point the finger at us, she claims. Prachi is criticising our reputation. To stop Prachi, she begs Rhea to take a DNA test the following morning. Sangeet will be tomorrow night, according to her.And Prachi and Sid will wed the next day. Rhea becomes anxious. Everybody departs.

Rhea enters her room while feeling tense. Rhea is followed in by Alia. If Alia takes a DNA test, Rhea warns her that she might be found out. Alia and Rhea trade accusations. Rhea claims that she is at her breaking point and may pass away. It’s merely a panic attack, claims Alia. She tells Rhea to unwind and asks Madhurima, a doctor acquaintance, to discuss conducting a phoney DNA test. Calling her after agreeing, Rhea.Prachi believes that this test will reveal whether or not Rhea is pregnant. Prachi believes they are identical twins, but their mentalities are different. She turns when she feels anything. Ranbir catches her eye. Thanks to her, Ranbir. Why? asks Prachi. You know, Ranbir says before departing. Prachi claims she is unsure.

Returning, Ranbir tells Prachi that he will be content knowing that she will be the mother of his child. He tells her that she is close to his heart before leaving. Prachi is content. Prachi explains to her infant that they must always be with their father.Sid contemplates his sister while feeling tense. There, Prachi shows up. For endangering his sister’s life, Sid chastises Prachi. Prachi reassures him that Mihika won’t experience any harm. Wait until tomorrow, she says, when Rhea and Alia will be revealed and Mihika will be spared. You’ll get your sister, she says, and I’ll get my husband. She phones Shahana and states that she needs assistance.

Rhea is questioned by Alia about her absence from calls. Rhea claims she has no idea. She is prompted to call Alia once more. When Rhea calls her. Madhurima answers the phone. Rhea requests that Madhurima do a phoney DNA test on her. Madhurima promises to raise her prices. Rhea offers to pay the fee and requests that the repair be completed correctly. Pallavi enters and sees them. Rhea misplaces her phone. Madhurima recognises a visitor. Rhea is asked what occurred by Pallavi. Rhea remains silent. Rhea is asked by Alia to talk to Pallavi about her feelings because Pallavi can relate. Rhea observes. Since Alia claims that Rhea is unable to reveal, I must admit that she is embarrassed by Prachi’s charges.

She claims that until the DNA report is released, Rhea will be tense. Pallavi embraces Rhea. No need to wait till tomorrow, she replies; let’s perform the DNA test right away. Rhea joins Pallavi for the test when she returns.

Dida gives Prachi a warm hug and thanks her for coming up with the concept of Rhea’s DNA test. Dida claims that once the findings were negative, Ranbir would call off the wedding and that this DNA test would put an end to everything. There, Ranbir shows up. Prachi makes an effort to halt Dida, but she fails. Dida claims that once he realises he is not the father of Rhea’s child, Ranbir won’t let you leave since he loves you. Ranbir and Prachi are engrossed in one another’s eyes.

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