Khushi Kapoor is the daughter of Boney Kapoor and the late actress, Sridevi. The diva is all set to make her debut with the Netflix film The Archies. The actress is now making her debut, and fans were eagerly waiting to see her onscreen. She has beautiful hair, and she styles it perfectly. The diva always plays around with her giving major hair goals and hairstyle looks. The actress looks cute in her new hairstyle, and she styles herself beautifully.

Recently, the diva is seen in her baby-cut hairstyle, and she looks adorable, just like a cute baby. The diva has also highlighted her hair, and that makes her shine in her different hairstyle looks. The diva looked like a sunflower in a floral print green slip dress and styled her hair in a simple way, but her baby-cut hairstyle made her look pretty. In one of the photos, Khushi Kapoor was seen tying a ponytail and looking fantastic.

The actress also wore a white dress and styled her in a simple way. Her hair makes her look attractive and unique. She has turned heads up with her stellar performances and stylish looks. Khushi Kapoor is a young star and a famous star kid. She is achieving fame and has a huge fan following. The actress is a superb star, and her hair is just beautiful. She looks like a princess in her hairstyle.

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