Undoubtedly Jennifer Aniston is Hollywood’s most gorgeous, talented, bubbly, and sensational actress. Her role as Rachel Green from the Friends series is loved all over the world. The actress has some exceptional fashion and beauty standards. And so here we share her daily skincare routine for unblemished skin.

1. Begin Skincare From Young Age: Rachel Green aka Jennifer Aniston’s must advice is that, don’t take your good skin for granted. Instead, take care of your skin from a young age. so that it keeps on the procedure of maintaining itself.

2. Moisturizing And Applying SPF Regularly: Jennifer focuses majorly on moisturizing and applying sunscreen on her skin regularly without a doubt. The actress says it is very important to provide water to your skin. Also, protect it from harmful sun rays.

3. Facial Treats: Do not abandon your good skin but take care of it once in a while by doing facials and pampering it with spa massages etc. so that it feels rejuvenated and young.

4. Healthy Diet: Eating healthy is much more important than anything else. It makes a huge difference and she is not the first one to say this. The actress loves to eat foods that are rich in nutrition and fat-free fibers. The actress believes junk food and sugar effects their face, body and energy level so it’s better to avoid them as much as possible.

5. Destress: Working for hours to achieve your goal, your body goes through a lot and make sure to fight back with all those impurities of pollution by having a good meditation and self care routine which destress your body.

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