To look after your pets is your responsibility. Becoming a parent to the voiceless is one-of-a-kind work that you need to handle with utmost delicacy and perfection. And it seems the new cat mom from the town, Jasmin Bhasin is making it possible at every bit.

The actress recently welcomed a new baby to her home. She got a lovely beautiful little Persian cat to her name, whom she named Kylie. Since she embraced the new phase in her life, Bhasin has been taking care of Kylie like a true responsible cat mother. With the proper care and attention, and even this much, that she decided to take little Kylie with her in the gym, to be able to keep a watch on her.

Jasmin shared the video on her social media handle, to share a video, where we can see doing a treadmill walk. The actress while sweats it out on the gym, we can see Kylie sleeping on her arms with no bother. It shows how much Kylie trusts Jasmin.

Check out the adorable video-