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Meer Ali who is always at his fashionable best, having been a fashion model himself, looks at comfort as the key to dressing.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com, Meer Ali talks about his impeccable fashion choices.

Check them here.

The style that makes you feel sexy:

Feeling sexy is a state of mind. One needs a sexy mind and that sexy confidence to look and feel sexy.

Your fashion inspiration:

I have been a fashion model myself. So I don’t look up to anyone. In fact, I love to experiment with clothes.

What would be your dress to kill on a perfect date:

Probably a white basic T-shirt and jeans.

Sweatshirts or shirts:

Shirts for sure .. sweatshirts can be worn in cold places.

Colour combination you prefer in your dressing style:

Black, yellow and white are my colours. Mostly I am seen in yellows and whites, paired with denims. If not, I can be very trendy and funky with my gym wear and would choose classic black and white for parties.

Your favorite accessory to go with your dress:

I usually wear studs in my ears. To add to it, a good wristwatch will do.

Your best gift with respect to attire that you have got:

A designer friend gifted me a sleek musky suit. The fit was utterly classic and I loved wearing it.

Your favorite dress worn during lockdown: 

Best dress in lockdown… I think that was the only time when my boxers and gunji was like my typical dress code.

Favorite Beachwear Fashion:

Swim shorts, hat and glares

What did you miss the most in dressing up during this lockdown:

O let’s forget lockdown now and pray that it doesn’t happen ever again

Fashion advice to fans:

The piece of advice that I can give is to wear anything, but don’t forget to wear your confidence.

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