Arjun Kanungo is India’s most handsome, dashing, and melodic singer. His charisma is so irresistible that you cannot deny it once you listen to his songs or even if you meet him in person. He is very humble being such a big celebrity singer. He is very grounded and treats people like his friends. Some of these qualities make him the audience’s favorite singer. While his appealing and tempting voice is another thing that makes people go crazy about him. Since the singer gained popularity in this industry, people have chosen to listen to his songs on a loop, which is why we bring you a list of fan-favourite songs of Arjun Kanungo.

1)Baaki Baatein Peene Baad: The pop song is a duet song by Badshah and Arjun Kanungo. The song became an instant hit and stayed for 33 weeks on possible charts.

2)Tum Na Ho: The solo song of Arjun Kanungo was released in February 2020. People love listening to Arjun’s amazing and enchanting voice. Listen to it on a loop.

3)Ek Dafaa: The song stayed on the trending chart for weeks. And if you haven’t heard this song, you are missing a beautiful one. Arjun Kanungo beautifully sang this saga.

4)Woh Baarishein: It is the Indian audience’s favorite rain song. Undoubtedly every Barish lover has heard Arjun’s Woh Baarishein on a loop during the last monsoon.

5)Tu Na Mera: The 2019 song by Arjun Kanungo still trends on YouTube and is the most-heard song. So listen to this saga, Making you feel Arjun’s voice madness.

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