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If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube, you’re probably already familiar with this actor turned content producer and her account Mostlysane. We’re referring to none other than Prajakta Koli, one of the most popular and well-known YouTube stars right now. She is extremely well-liked among young people; it wouldn’t be incorrect to call her the biggest Youtube celebrity right now. She used her channel during the lockdown to talk about her fitness journey and how she is forming healthy, simple routines to care for her body, complexion, and hair.

Koli said in one of her RealtalkTuesday videos that while in lockdown she had been spending a lot of time on herself and paying close attention to her physique. She remarked, referring to her skin, “I used to feel that you had to spend a lot of money on costly cosmetics if you wanted to have excellent and healthy skin.” She went on to say, “I drink a lot of water, work out frequently, and try to follow a sleep cycle. These are the three things that helped me obtain beautiful skin without burning a hole in my wallet. Throughout the day, I also repeatedly spray cold water on my face.” The YouTuber stressed that while it may sound cliché, sticking to this practice has been successful.

The star continued by saying that she enjoys washing her hair practically every day, particularly after a vigorous workout, but that practice causes breakage and hair loss. Everything changed for her when her parents devised a homemade hair oil recipe. “To prepare the oil, you have to pour one bottle of your coconut oil in a skillet, add a sufficient amount of sliced onion to it, and let it cook until it becomes brown,” she instructed.

Along with adhering to a three-step fitness regimen, Koli emphasized the importance of developing healthy habits such as eating well-balanced home-cooked meals, getting enough sleep, and engaging in some form of physical activity. “When you start working out, your body feels good from the inside out. You need to start listening to your body requirements; after a point, the body will start telling you that you are missing something when you skip your workout sessions,” she said.

In summarizing her video in which she discussed how developing a routine had improved her mental health, “For the mind, it really benefits me since it makes me more productive, energetic, and happier all day long. My training has also assisted me in establishing a sleep schedule that I now adhere to. I now go to bed around 12:30 and get up around 7:30, which has the added benefit of lengthening my day.” She spoke.

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