The popular K-pop couple HyunA and Dawn have now parted ways after dating each other for as long as 6 years. Taking it to her Instagram handle, HyunA confirmed the same with a note on her timeline leaving her fans all heartbroken.

According to reports stated in India Today, the two started dating in 2016 and made it official in 2018. The couple also was rumoured to be engaged after they posted pictures that hinted at the same.

HyunA wrote, “We broke up. We decided to remain good friends and colleagues. Thank you always for your support and for looking over us kindly.”

A fan writes, “as a parasocial third wheel, i feel personally heartbroken. i hope the two and all of us get through this tough time.”

Another commented, “Hyuna please take time to move on and “Good Friends” is only healthy if it’s what’s best for the both of you. Hyuna should focus on Hyuna and Him on himself. Please be healthy and happy. And we as fans still support you I’m just worried if you think yall shouldn’t separate yourself from each other take care”

A third user wrote, “Enough, I hope it’s a joke or lie, I hope no one has forced you to end that relationship, if not that it was the decision of the two, enough I love you very much, if you decided that, then I will support you”

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