Rosé is a singer and dancer based in South Korea, who is also a member of the K-pop girl group Blackpink. Recently, Rosé took to her instagram handle and shared some gorgeous snaps from her Hamilton and Chicago tour for Born Pink.

In the latest post, Blackpink’s Rosé is first seen in a stunning black dangling dress that feautured black-shiny shreds throughout. She paired the dress with a dreamy blue furry overcoat and also wore her hair in two ponytails and adorned them with matching blue rubber bands.

Further, Blackpink’s Rosé shared a snap that feautured her from her dressing room as she got ready for the show while sipping on her coffee. Another slide showed a picture of a beautiful bouquet of pink roses with a “Welcome To Chicago!” note.

Lastly, Rosé added a picture from the stage dressed in a blue tie-dye tshirt paired with a mini black pleated skirt where she is seen expressing her happiness towards the audience.

To caption her post, Blackpink’s Rosé penned, “Hamilton and Chicago, I will never forget your insanely loud screams”.

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