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Anita Bhabhi Ji and Tiwari Ji exercise in the garden. As Tiwari says, it’s very cool nowadays. Anita Bhabhi says it’s November, so that you will feel cold. In addition, Anita says this year, winter will be colder than usual. Tiwari asks about her winter plans. Anita sarcastically says she will be going to Mars. Tiwari says she can go abroad. While Anita says, only her brother is there in America. Meanwhile, a man comes to Anita and asks her if David is there. Anita says yes, so the man gives her a bill from the Chhamiya Restaurant, where David goes and eats but has not paid any money. Also, if not paid, they know how to take the money. Anita gets shocked. She says he will pay. Another woman comes to Anita, giving her a bill saying that she has danced for David, but he hasn’t paid money to her. Anita again agrees to pay. In addition, another man gives Anita the bill for the paan consumed by David and asks her to pay. Anita agrees.

Vibhuti meets Angoori Bhabhi Ji and greets her. She starts crying, saying she is missing her father today. Vibhuti asks if he has passed away. Angoori says, No, but he has gone on a Pilgrimage in Bangkok and is doing his duties there. Vibhuti says he is sure her father is not gone on the pilgrimage. At the same time, an ambulance comes in front of them. Both start to wonder who is there or if something happened.

Meanwhile, Saxena comes out. Vibhuti asks if he has brought this. Saxena says yes. Vibhuti questions the reason behind bringing this. Saxena says he will carry sick people and explains the good features. At the same time, Angoori Bhabhi Ji and Vibhuti praise Saxena. Vibhuti asks Saxena what the special features are. Saxena says it is very comfortable, and you can experience this by being a little sick. Vibhuti slaps him and leaves. Anita calls Vibhuti. David comes in front of the door in a drunken state. Anita shared that ask David Chachaji to pack his bag and leave. Vibhuti asks why she is behaving like this. Anita gives him all the bills and says she can’t pay all this, so she asks Chacha Ji to leave. Vibhuti confronts, saying that it feels good when someone elder is there. Anita, in anger, asks Vibhuti to choose either David or her.

Later, Vibhuti and David drink together. Vibhuti asks David to get all his money. David says that his wife is sitting on her wealth. Vibhuti says he married the wrong woman. David asks for money from Vibhuti. Vibhuti denies saying he doesn’t have any money. Vibhuti suggests David go to Shimla. David sarcastically says he is okay in Kanpur. Teeka and Tillu need money to flourish their business and keep asking everyone in the tea stall. But everyone denies it, and they become sad. While Prem agrees to give them money, they have to give him 60% of the profit. On the other hand, Vibhuti narrates a story from his life with David. Tiwari Ji also joins, and all three of them recall their time.

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