In today’s Anupamaa episode, the teacher tells everyone that she will give everyone homework on the first day itself as if they do finance homework before Laxmi Puja then they will get good luck. The teacher gives homework to everyone. Vanraj calls Anupamaa but she ignores his call. Then Anupamaa takes permission from the teacher and she comes out of the class to attend Vanraj’s call. Anupamaa asks Vanraj why he is calling again and again. Vanraj tells her that he wants to talk about Pakhi and tells her to come home quickly. Anupamaa sternly tells Vanraj that 3 days in a week from 10 to 2 she will go to college to attend her lectures and at that time she will only concentrate on her studies and she will not attend anyone’s calls. Vanraj tells Anupamaa that it’s very urgent and he wants to talk about her daughter and she can’t ignore Pakhi’s matter like this.

Then in the Anupamaa serial, Anupamaa tells Vanraj that whatever the matter is he needs to handle it as he is Pakhi’s father and Pakhi is not a small kid that they have to hold her hand in every difficult situation. Anupamaa says that if Pakhi can take her wedding decision on her own then she needs to take her other decisions firmly as well. Vanraj tells Anupamaa to shut up and tells her to come back home. Anupamaa tells Vanraj to be quiet and tells him that she prioritizes herself first before anything and she will not think about anyone else and she cuts the phone. Leela asks Vanraj what happened. Vanraj tells Leela that Anupamaa’s attitude has changed as she is in college now. Leela tells Vanraj to keep calling Anupamaa till she comes back home. Hasmukh comes there and tells Vanraj to not call Anupamaa as she has her own life and tells them to leave her alone. Adhik shouts at Barkha for instigating Pakhi against her and he tells her that now he will do anything to marry Pakhi.

Lastly in Anupamaa, Barkha tells Adhik that already Anupamaa is Kapadia’s daughter-in-law and now she doesn’t want Pakhi to sit on their head. Adhik says that he loves Pakhi and he will go to any extent to marry Pakhi. After the class ends all of them come out and Anuj hides and sees Anupamaa happy and he says that before 26 years, he was not able to do college romance but better late than never. He sees them all coming toward his side and he hides. Anupamaa writes a letter and throws it at Anuj. He picks it up and reads it. She writes that she knew he would come on the first day of her class. She also mentions that she doesn’t appreciate roadside Romeo lovers but she liked his efforts. She also writes I love you in the letter. Anuj gets shocked and says that Anupamaa is more intelligent than him. Vanraj tells Leela that now he will not listen to anyone and he will not get Pakhi and Adhik married. Anu writes a poem to welcome Anupamaa back from college.

Picture Credit- Hotstar

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