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Aaditya Sawant, better known as Dynamo of PUBG Mobile, is the perfect example of how you don’t have to be a celebrity to be adored by millions of people. You can do anything you want if you have the necessary patience and hope. Dynamo is now a PUBG Mobile icon in India and a hero to all PUBG Mobile fans. His YouTube channel, Dynamo Gaming, has over 8.2 million subscribers, and on his live streams, he primarily plays the PUBG Mobile game. Let’s learn more about him and his successes and failures as we look at his remarkable life today.

Dynamo is renowned for his incredible sniper abilities and clever conversations that he employs while playing. His famous dialogue is used by YouTube streamers from various nations in addition to his supporters (patt se headshot). After sniping an adversary, he always says, “Patt Se Headshot,” and this is well-known all over the world. More than 8 million people are subscribed to Aaditya’s Dynamo Gaming YouTube channel, which has had 655 million views overall.

The YouTube community knows Dynamo best as Hydra Dynamo. His own PUBG clan is called Hydra. Alongside Hydra BTS, Hydra Alpha, HydraFlick, and Gareeboo, he participates in PUBG Mobile. Additionally, they have a YouTube channel for their official Hydra.

Aaditya had a number of controversies after becoming well-known on YouTube. First of all, because he used to play PUBG Mobile on the PC emulator, a lot of people started targeting and insulting him. It is a mobo game that can be played on a computer using its official emulator. He was ridiculed and disliked, though, for playing a mobile game on a PC. But since he began playing PUBG Mobile on his smartphone in 2019, he is now a mobile player.

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