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Assam, one of northeast India’s most endearing states, is waiting to be discovered. It is gift-wrapped with dense jungles filled with the strangest wildlife, rolling hills covered in fragrant tea, and canoes gliding down the River Brahmaputra. Have no idea where to begin? To help you plan your vacation to Assam, have a look at this list of the state’s most spectacular tourist destinations. Assam, which is Home to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and produces the majority of the country’s tea, never misses an opportunity to enchant travelers with its beauty and peace.

Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park, a designated world heritage site and a prominent feature on the map of Assam, is Home to roughly 33 percent of the one-horned rhinoceros on the planet. This location is at the top of the list of tourist destinations in Assam due to its diverse biodiversity and robust environment. Elephants, Chinese pangolins, gibbons, sloth bears, flying squirrels, swamp deer, wild buffalo, Bengal foxes, civets, and leopards are all residents of the Kaziranga National Park. Here you can also find the well-known Bengal Tigers.

Manas National Park

Manas National Park is one of the top traveler destinations in Assam and is a Project Tiger Reserve, Biosphere Reserve, Elephant Reserve, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Manas is the finest location to visit if you want to see rare plants and animals in India because it is known for being the red panda and golden langur’s habitat. The second-largest tiger population in India finds refuge in safety at Manas National Park.

Kakochang Waterfalls

The Kakochang Waterfalls, a spectacular natural beauty, are located in Jorhat between coffee and rubber plantations. The main waterfall, which lies 13 kilometers from Bokakhat in Jorhat, draws large numbers of visitors all year long. This waterfall not only offers breathtaking views of the ruins of Numaligarh and the beautiful green tea gardens, but it also provides a cool hideaway and a terrific photo opportunity.

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